Ladder rack
Premium No-Contact

This ladder rack can be deployed without any contact being made with the vehicle's bodywork.

Loading is carried out from the side, on one or both sides of the vehicle. Control can be electric or via crank as preferred.


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Suitable for ladders and platform ladders

  • The Premium, No-Contact ladder rack enables a single person to safely and effortlessly load and unload a ladder with up to three sections or a platform ladder

  • You can unload without even having to make contact with the bodywork.

  • This latest-generation ladder rack is the result of years of research and development. We have designed it to fulfil the most exacting of user requirements.

  • On the Premium, No-Contact ladder, the load is transported flat and the sliding system is secured closed by means of a dual locking system combining mechanical and electronic features.

  • The ladder rack has been designed to prevent accidents and musculoskeletal problems.

  • It enables loads to be lowered to approx. one metre above the ground.  

  • Whatever the incline on which the vehicle is positioned, the movement of the support remains perfectly balanced.
  • The lowering action can be controlled in line with your needs.

  • The height of this ladder rack on the roof is significantly lower than on the Premium Classic model.


Fork-lift truck required to receive and install the product

Packed in a wooden box measuring 2300 x 960 x 670 mm and weighing approx. 132 kg

It is not possible to carry the product by hand to install it on the vehicle roof during the assembly stage.

For the electric ladder racks

The installer must be an accredited electrician.

The No-Contact ladder rack boasts numerous new security features: 

- A locking device to block the load and secure it in place during transportation (R4EM type)
- Automatic lowering and lifting of the support with automatic stop at the preferred height
- A mechanism enabling the adaptation of the support to your ladders.
This ladder rack can be lowered further down than any other ladder rack on the market and is the only model that can be perfectly adapted to your ladders and (lightweight) mobile platform ladders.

Why should I opt for the No-Contact ladder rack?

  • MTS ladder racks have been relied upon by the principal energy and telecommunications companies for more than 30 years.
  • During lowering, the operator is never exposed to the load. This ladder rack can be lowered further down than any other ladder rack on the market, resulting in minimal effort when loading.
  • A single person can load ladders without help. The ladder can be quickly secured using loop straps fixed to the ladder rack.
  • The mobile support is designed to be perfectly adapted to any type of ladder. One three-section ladder can be fitted on each equipped side.
  • Suitable for heavy ladders (60 kg per side).
  • Manual or electrical control device. The electrical version is fitted with a 12 V motor (included in delivery) not requiring the use of a voltage transformer.
  • This ladder rack is designed to be easy to maintain. A maintenance booklet is delivered with the product to ensure system longevity and safe use.
  • It is guaranteed for two years and all the spare parts will remain available for ten years.
  • If you change your vehicle, the ladder rack can be re-mounted on the new one: you only need to change the fixing kit.
  • Can be fitted to both sides of the vehicle.
  • A half roof rack in aluminium can be combined with the ladder rack to enable other items to be transported.
  • A tube carrier, specially designed for this ladder rack, can be added.

Video demonstration of the No-Contact ladder rack