Plus Version

of the side rack



This enhanced version enables heavy, cumbersome or fragile loads to be safely transported with ease.

Plus Version

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Transport on the vehicle exterior, at the side

The + points of the Plus version

  • The MTS side rack enables heavy, cumbersome or fragile loads to be safely transported with ease

  • It can be fitted on just the left side of a vehicle or on both sides, with no drilling.

  • The profile in contact with the load is coated in an elastomeric material that protects the items for transportation.

  • The side rack can be installed with a half roof rack fitted on the roof bars (N.B.: reduces the permissible weight to 200 kg).

  • The side rack comes equipped as standard with a fold-up loading base, LED lighting, reflectors and a splash/stone-chip guard.

  • It features two securing poles (included), with storage solution (optionally available as an add-on).
  • The top section of every vertical bar in the structure features a fixed mechanism with multiple holes (in contrast to the two folding mechanisms on the standard version).

  • The securing poles are equipped with a 12 cm spring rod that guarantees easy insertion and a secure hold. The handle also makes it easy to manoeuvre the pole.

  • A yellow reflective strip is incorporated at the base of the load, enabling all regulations on visibility in force in European countries to be met.

  • A fourth horizontal bar has been added. This enables additional attachment points for straps and it reinforces the structure.

Why choose the Plus version of the side rack?

  • The MTS side rack achieved success in the city crash test, thus showing its durability and reliability as measured against applicable standards.
  • Everything is included, simply select the type of roof rack: standard aluminium roof rack, galvanized steel roof rack, or roof bars with half roof rack.
  • Its modern design is perfectly in keeping with the evolution of commercial vehicles.
  • The loading base can be folded up and allows the transportation of items with a width of up to 25 cm.
  • The securing poles combine with the compulsory strapping to deliver secure transportation.
  • The side rack is fitted to the vehicle without drilling into its bodywork or chassis, preserving the vehicle integrity and the manufacturer’s anti-corrosion guarantee This means you avoid having to pay expenses for reconditioning the vehicle when you return or sell it.
  • It takes just 20 minutes to perform the supply wiring to the LED lights, directly on the rear light of the vehicle. You don’t need to touch either the electrical cable bundle or the battery of the vehicle.
  • The side rack takes only 15 minutes to mount or dismount.
Plus version of the side rack, presented on aluminium roof rack.

Suitable for all vehicle sizes (length and height) — From 4 to 7 vertical bars

4 bars




Average time for the first installation

Side rack Plus • 7 bars
Lift-up platform with reflective strip