Verso 3

Verso 3 ladder rack

This model for rear unloading, with mechanical assistance, enables effortless manoeuvring, even with the ladder loaded.

Verso 3

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Verso 3 ladder rack

Ladder rack for rear loading with mechanical assistance

  • Verso 3 is designed for all models of commercial vehicles—from small to large sizes—and can be installed on the right or left side or on both sides of a vehicle.

  • This equipment enables one or multiple ladders to be safely and effortlessly loaded or unloaded.

  • The sliding system is secured closed by means of a dual locking system.

  • The ladder rack has been designed to prevent accidents and musculoskeletal problems.

  • It is equipped with a system that enables the ladder to be removed and switched over at head height.

  • The movement remains controlled and perfectly balanced, regardless of the position of the vehicle.

    Pole for manoeuvring the Verso 3

Why should I opt for the Verso 3 ladder rack?

  • Ladders can be quickly secured using loop straps fixed to the ladder rack.
  • The user doesn’t have to climb onto the roof of the vehicle. Therefore, there is no risk of falling down.
  • It makes loading and unloading a ladder much easier. Less effort is required than with a conventional transport system without a gas spring.
  • The ladder can be accessed with greater speed.
  • The ladder is secured for transport on the vehicle from the ground, with ease.
  • The Verso 3 configuration enables the available section of the roof bars to be used.
  • Can be combined with other accessories from the MTS product range (tube carrier, half roof rack, revolving light, warning triangle, etc.) to adapt to different trades and types of work.
Verso 3 ladder rack folded down
Verso 3 ladder rack folded down
Verso 3 reinstalled on the roof, in transport position